Test patterns for ColorImpact

Test patterns are real designs that can be used inside ColorImpact 4 to test your color schemes. You need to install ColorImpact version 3 before using the test patterns. The test patterns are available as stand-alone installable packs. Just download and launch the install file. The test patterns and will be installed in the proper location for use with ColorImpact.


Sample test pattern


Default Test Patterns

Test Pattern Pack # 1
18 test patterns - 1,03 Mb - November 15, 2006

Author: TigerColor
Required product: ColorImpact version 3

This test pattern pack updates your test patterns to the default set installed with ColorImpact version 3.1. It is intended for users who originally installed ColorImpact version 3.0. The test pattern pack includes:

  • 12 new test patterns
  • Welcome screen
  • Test pattern source files (requires Adobe Flash 8 or later)
  • Updated default color formulas