ColorImpact screen shots

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The color harmonies mode lets you experiment with the traditional color schemes taught in art schools.

Sample color schemes
(saved from the program in Flash format).



The advanced color wheel is a very flexible color wheel for creating advanced color schemes. It is also very useful for creating color palettes for PhotoShop, Fireworks and other design programs.

Sample color wheel
( saved from the program).



The color variations mode is a very handy tool for creating shades and tints. Very useful for creating matching background colors, text colors etc.



The color blender lets you create up to 253 intermediary colors between two end colors.


Sample color blends with noise ( saved from the program as swf files and scaled to size).



The test pattern section lets you test your color schemes on real designs.



The built in tutorial section teaches you the basics of color theory and gives you detailed explanations of the traditional color schemes.




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