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ColorImpact 4.2.5

ColorImpact Setup
ZIP file EXE file 12.3 Mb main web
ZIP file EXE file 12.3 Mb alternate web
Download from Download3k Download3k

Ultra Color Picker 1.6.2

Color Picker
Ultra Color Picker Setup
ZIP file EXE file 4.14 Mb main web site
ZIP file EXE file 4.14 Mb alternate web site

Transparent ScreenRuler 2.5.0

Screen Ruler
ScreenRulerSetup.exe 2.03 Mb main web site
ScreenRulerSetup.exe 2.03 Mb alternate web site

FREE 14-day trial period
ColorImpact is available for download as shareware, which you can freely evaluate for 14 days after installation without any cost or obligation.

Payment is required if you wish to use the program beyond the trial period (see the order section for purchase options). After completing the order, you will receive a license code by email to unlock the program for unlimited use.

Easy to uninstall
ColorImpact has a fully automatic uninstall process (via a shortcut in Color Impact's menu group or through Control Panel Add/Remove) that will delete all installed files.

How to download and install

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