Introducing ColorImpact 4
- a No Guesswork Way
To Create Beautiful Color Schemes


ColorImpact screen shotExperience the fun of using this interactive color wheel! No more guesswork when you pick colors for your next design project. With a single click you can create color combinations with an impact. Version 4 of the award winning ColorImpact features a completely redesigned user interface with lots of new tools and functions.

Point And Click Your Way To Stunning Color Schemes

It's easy. It's fun. And it works the first time you try it. Just select a color that pleases you, and the visual color wheel instantly displays a selection of perfectly matching colors. It's that easy!

But it doesn't stop there! Now comes the fun part: Play with different color harmonies, add shades and tints and visually fine tune your color scheme to perfection.

The final result you can print and take to the store, or you can export it to your favorite design application.

Color wheel split-complementary scheme Test patterns three color swatches
Pick a main color.   Try different basic color harmonies
and select one.
  Test your color scheme on different designs.   Print or export the color scheme to your favorite program.

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This award winning program is used by thousands of professional designers and hobbyists worldwide:

I haven't paid for many programs in my life, but ColorImpact is definitely worth it. It's one of my top three favorite applications [...]. Thank you so much for making my job and my life easier. I know what looks good, but I have trouble creating that look myself. Well, no more. Thanks again,
Ray Kirkland


I am one happy customer ... using ColorImpact 2 for a while now, figuring out color schemes in my drawings (I am a freelance artist)... and I have always loved it!! I don't regret for one second having ordered it!! Thank-you for the enjoyment of using this program; it has been a tremendous help... And, now I have purchased ColorImpact3!! Does it get any better? Not possible!
Jennifer DeFillippo

Limited time offer:
ColorImpact version 4 for Windows: $59.95
Now Only $39.95


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Aimed At Beginners As Well As Professional Designers

So advanced, it's actually simple. Start with the basic color harmonies, and create great results the first time you try. And as you become more seasoned, the program is loaded with advanced capabilities.

Explore And Test Your Color Schemes With Advanced Built-in Tools

Test patternSee something you like? Just drag the colors to the color palette and use the color variations tool to create shades and tints. Then see how the colors interact by adding them to one of the built-in test patterns.

Quickly Create Perfect Color Palettes

Color PaletteCreate your own color palettes for popular design applications like Photoshop, Flash, Corel Xara, PaintShop Pro, Illustrator, Fireworks, Freehand, Dreamweaver, and FrameMaker etc.

Export Your Color Schemes to Your Favorite Design Program

Sample SchemeColorImpact can export color schemes to most popular design applications. It supports the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, CSS, HTML, ACO, ACT, ACF, WMF, EMF and several text formats.

A Color Scheme Database At Your Fingertips

ColorImpact can hold an unlimited number of color palettes. And they are available right there when you open the program. And you can add a title and a description to each color scheme and to each individual swatch.

ColorImpact 4 Delivers Unmatched Features And Possibilities:

New feature Full support for Windows 7
New feature Built-in Color Theory Tutorial
- learn while having fun!
Improved feature Color Harmonies Mode
- lets you experiment with the basic color schemes taught in art schools
New feature Experimental Color Wheel
A fantastic tool for creating advanced color schemes and dazzling color palettes
New feature NEW: Extract color palette from images
Sophisticated image analyzer extracts the color palette from any image.
This is the method used by top designers to create a beautifully balanced color palette.
New feature Color Inspector
gives you exact color values and a textual color description - indispensable for the visually impaired
New feature Support for CMYK colors
Create color palettes for use in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
New feature Unlimited Number of Color Palettes
- each palette holding an unlimited number of colors
New feature NEW: Color combination tester
New tool for testing all color combinations in a palette. Very useful for designing charts, maps, user interfaces and color palettes that require sufficient contrast between the colors.
New feature Automatic Online Updates
Minor version updates are free - and they are easy to install!
New feature IMPROVED:Large Selection Of Test Patterns
-test your color schemes on real designs
New feature Flexible User Interface
- adapt the program to your preferences
New feature NEW: Support for hexadecimal shorthand notation
Shrink web designs and CSS style sheets dramatically by using shorthand notation.
New feature NEW: Advanced option to fine tune color palette
Double click a color in the palette to lighten darken or fine tune the hue.
Improved feature NEW: Matching gray tones option
All basic color harmonies can now create matching gray tones
Improved feature NEW: Improved synchronization with Ultra Color Picker
All changes in one program is immediately visible in the other
Improved feature Flexible CSS Export
Indispensable for web designers
New feature Color Blindness Simulation
- make sure your designs work for the visually impaired
(very important for web designers)
New feature Print swatches and color values
New feature Very Flexible Export Functions
Makes it easy to use your color schemes in your favorite design program

Limited time offer:
ColorImpact version 4 for Windows: $59.95
Now only: $39.95


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90-day Money Back Guarantee

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. That's why we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. Take ColorImpact 4 and start designing dazzling color schemes. If it doesn't work for you, we will give you a full refund anytime in the 3 months following the order.