ColorImpact 4 - Color Scheme Designer

ColorImpact screen shotWith ColorImpact you can create beautiful color schemes at the click of a button.

Experience the fun! No more guesswork when you pick colors for your next design project. With a single click you can create color combinations with impact.

Creating a color scheme is easy and fun

Just select the main color, and the visual color wheel instantly displays a selection of perfectly matching colors. You can then try different color harmonies, add shades and tints and fine tune your color scheme to perfection.

ColorImpact version 4 for Windows: $59.95
Limited time offer $39.95

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Ultra Color PickerUltra Color Picker

This handy desktop utility allows you to collect colors from anywhere on your screen and store them for easy reference. It is a must for any designer. With the Ultra Color Picker you have a complete color scheme library available at your finger tips.

The Ultra Color Picker is a perfect match for ColorImpact. Because of its compact design, it sits next to your favorite design application for easy access to your color schemes.

Ultra Color Picker for Windows: Only $24.95

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Transparent Screen Ruler

Transparent Screen Ruler

With the Transparent Screen Ruler you can measure anything on your monitor. This tool is a must when designing web pages, user interfaces or when you need to quickly check the dimensions on anything on your screen.

The program features a visual and intuitive user interface, and the screen magnifier window makes it easy to get exact measurements. Every time.

TigerColor Transparent Screen Ruler for Windows: Only $19.95

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